Trad Controversies, Episode 4: Masonic Bishops and Sacramental Intention


Father Anthony Cekada

This month’s Trad Controversies returns with a new host, James Schroepfer, to examine the old legend of Archbishop Lefebvre’s orders being doubtful because the cleric who ordained and consecrated Archbishop Lefebvre, Cardinal Lienart, is said to be a Freemason. Unfortunately, this concept of a masonic bishop’s ordinations being doubtfully valid is still a prevalent idea in our day, and with many of the traditional priests coming from Archbishop Lefebvre, some of the Catholic laity have been quite disturbed with this assertion. Our regular guest Father Anthony Cekada joins us to give the background to the controversy and guide the listener through the sacramental theology which applies to this particular case.

The show covers where the initial accusation of Cardinal Lienart being a Freemason and what proof is available to validate this claim. Tracing the sources back, Father is able to demonstrate the proof, or lack of, found to prove this assertion. Father then examines this from a worst case scenario point of view where the assumption of Cardinal Lienart being a Freemason is conceded, and walks us through the Catholic principles in regards to the intention of the minister. After exploring the relevant Sacramental theology, Father Cekada provides the listener with multiple historical examples of orders being conferred by documented Freemasons and how the Church viewed their validity. Hopefully, covering this material will help those listeners who have been disturbed by shoddy theology presented by lay people in the past or those who just enjoy a good campfire story for a dark night.

Episode Notes:

Articles referenced in the show may be found below:

  1. Sacramental Intention and Masonic Bishops by Father Anthony Cekada on
  2. Trad Controversies Episode 1: Home Alone with Father Anthony Cekada.

Original Air Date: May 15, 2015
Show Run Time: 52 minutes
Show Guest(s): Father Anthony Cekada
Show Host(s): James Schroepfer
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