Work of Human Hands, Episode 8: The New Orations

Work of Human Hands, by Father Anthony Cekada

Work of Human Hands, by Father Anthony Cekada

After a long winter's nap of nearly half a season, Work of Human Hands returns to the airwaves to finish its companion run to Father Anthony Cekada's recently back-in-print master study on the changes to the Mass brought on by the Second Vatican Council.

In this episode host Stephen Heiner discusses Chapter 9 of Father's book, which was once, in large parts, a slim book called "Problems with the Prayers of the Modern Mass" that sold tens of thousands of copies when in print for TAN Books.

This chapter (and episode) addresses the fact that 83% of these prayers were revised, and that not only the style but the content was revised, specifically the removal of:

  • "negative theology"
  • prayers for the dead
  • despising of the present world and life

and mention of:

  • merits of the saints
  • miracles

with new additions of:

  • ecumenism

Should you wish to obtain a copy of Work of Human Hands to follow along, you may do so at SGG Resources.

Original Air Date: May 7, 2015
Show Run Time: 1 hours 3 minutes
Show Guest(s): Father Anthony Cekada
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner
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