New Single: Vatican 2! What the Heck Are You?

Damo’s "Vatican 2! What the Heck Are You?" single is now available!

Many of you loved Damo’s "Vatican 2! What the Heck Are You?" song so much that we decided to release it as a single for streaming and download.

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"Vatican 2! What the Heck Are You?" Lyrics

It started with John Twenty Three when he usurped the papacy
A Communistic chubby little chappie
The Masons celebrate the day Roncalli gave the store away
It cheered them up and made them very happy.

Montini known as Paul the Sick an evil man built like a stick
Implemented lies and desolation
It must be said the day he died they pumped him with formaldehyde
His legacy sacramental mutilation.

Oh Vatican Two! You are the great apostasy, it cannot be denied the synthesis of all heresies
Steeped in disorder and foul depravity
Departure from the truth you have made compulsory.

JP One a short time had upon the vacant seat but glad to hold the top position it is said
When he chose to investigate the bankers of the papal state
He wound up feeling somewhat kinda dead.

Oh Vatican Two! It's easy to tell you are not from Heaven you are straight from Hell.
Satan's bunch of tools, treating us like fools
Our doctrines are true but your doctrines smell.

Along came Mister John Paul Two an actor and a Marxist who received the Mark of Shiva on his brow
Kissed the Koran and incensed Buddha, prayed with Jews he really shouldn'a
To be a heretic, he showed us how.

Oh Vatican Two! ..woo ..woo What the heck are you? A Protestant religion which is based on Gnosticism
We've got Saint Pius the Tenth you've got ain't saint JP Two
We will keep the old and you can have the new.

Research Ratzy and you will find he was a V Two Mastermind, ended up as Benedict Sixteen
He brought in Motu Proprio to strike the Trads another blow
Now lives his final days in quarantine.

Oh Vatican Two! Please go hit the highway! We play by the rules that's why we don't eat meat on Friday
Your use of hermeneutic of continuity
More modernistic dribble just another fallacy.

Bergoglio the current nope is out to kill all faith and hope
He's living out the Vatican Two dream!
Encounter, Solidarity, buzz words are his speciality
He takes his rock star status to extreme.

Oh Vatican Two! Influenced by Bugnini, instead of wine and bread you're using beer and linguini
You've stolen our churches, cathedrals, and our name, our monasteries and convents which soon we will reclaim.

Oh Vatican Two! Where did you come from? If you did not exist I would not have to sing this song!
Religious Liberty, and Existentialism, the Dignity of Man, and False Ecumenism.

Oh Vatican Two! Your days are numbered. Your cupboard is bare just like Mother Hubbard.
The truth never changes this is not to be debated
We look forward to the day when you will be annihilated!

"Vatican 2! What the Heck Are You?" originally appeared on the Member-Supported Restoration Radio show, Season 5, Behind the Lodge Door, Episode 2: The First Amendment Farce.


Vatican 2! What the Heck Are You? by Damo - Now available for streaming and download!

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