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Restoration Radio began in 2012 as another branch of the blog Stephen Heiner started in 2006. Before 2011 he was still attending Mass with the SSPX and conducted interviews with their clergy. But as time went on he came to the non una cum sedevacantist position and we removed those interviews and others from our sites. 

We have built relationships with clergy from all over the world and their connection with each other has not always been entirely obvious. It’s as good a time as any to list their common traits. All the clergy who are featured on our network:

* Are uncompromisingly non una cum

* Are non opinionist 

* Use the pre-1955 Holy Week

Any clergy who do not fit all three of these conditions have been removed from our episode listings. 

The majority of the clergy who work with us belong to either the RCI or the IMBC, which hold to the Thesis, but we have had totalist clergy that work with us and continue to do so. We agree with Fr. Anthony Cekada’s position that there are various and differing opinions about how the problem of Vatican II will be solved.

We are fundamentally attached to Pope Pius XI’s idea of Catholic Action, which is lay-initiated but clerically supervised. The episodes on our network, the articles we publish, and even the books we sell in our bookstore are subject to clerical censure and removal and have been for years. Additionally we do not promote any lay work (like YouTube videos) unless the laity explicitly state that their videos have been reviewed and approved by the clergy. 

As unapologetic clericalists we believe that the laity have a role to play, but only in submission to clergy. That submission, and the interior life that overflows in an exterior apostolate, as articulated by Dom Chautard in The Soul of the Apostolate, is what we aspire to each and every day. 

We ask for your prayers as we, as a team, strive to be of service to Our Lord and His Church. 

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