Podcasts on the changes to the Mass

I was recently in Ohio to do a long-form interview with Fr. Anthony Cekada on his book, Work of Human Hands: A theological critique of the Mass of Paul VI.  Father has done a podcast series on youtube in which he covers some important points from each chapter of his book.  If you haven't read the book or seen a video, please do keep in mind that his book is the undisputed definitive scholarly work on the changes in the Roman Rite due to Vatican II.  All Traditional Catholics who seek to be informed about these matters should at least watch these free videos, if they don't think they'll read the 400+ page tome.

(Father also has a blog for the book)

Stephen Heiner

Stephen founded True Restoration in 2006 and served as its first President until 2023. He now lives in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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