Serving the Master

Pope St. Nicholas I

The faithful swineherd, waiting for his master to return, is a model for all Catholics.  John Cuddeback develops this theme in "Keeping Faith by Keeping Swine," part 1 of a series on Bacon From Acorns.

At age 10 Bradley Birzer rode his bike to his local bookstore to buy the Tolkien boxed set, and that decision impacted his life forevermore, as he describes for The Imaginative Conservative in "My Life with Ronald: Well, ok, Profesor Tolkien".

H. E. Bishop Daniel Dolan leads into his report on the Most Holy Trinity Seminary's ordination ceremony last week with a Caravaggio the Cat tale in which a headless mouse is presented to Fr. Cekada.

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  1. The Parrotclete says:

    The link for John Cuddeback goes to St. Gertrude’s instead of

  2. The Parrotclete says:

    I think you may have wanted to link to this story @Bacon from Acorns

    It’s an interesting piece

  3. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have corrected the link. So glad you enjoyed the swineherd piece. I appreciate the feedback. ~ Wendy