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True Restoration is a clerically-advised, member-supported, lay-founded Roman Catholic apostolate.  We use the means of print (True Restoration Press), video (True Restoration Media), radio (Restoration Radio), and in-person conferences to bring about a restoration of all things in Christ.

We adhere to the Catholic Church and all her teachings and reject the Second Vatican Council as heretical, the Novus Ordo "Mass" as protestant, and the papal claimants since the death of Pope Pius XII as invalid and utterly perfidious.

We are determined to make the best of a Dark Age and will use all the technology at our disposal to acquire and share our Catholic heritage.

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True Restoration

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2 Responses

  1. Crusader says:

    Please give a plausible scenario for the ship to be righted. By your account, very soon their will be no valid Bishops, much less Cardinals to elect a "True" Pope. How many years before you have to admit you are wrong?

  2. Crusader

    Catholics don't argue the way that you do, working backwards from assumptions. We work forwards from principles.

    Sedevacantism may lead one into mystery, but it doesn't lead one into contradiction with the Catholic faith.

    We always make reference to the Great Western Schism. There were Catholics who died during that time not knowing which of the 3 claimants were actually the Pope, and having saints like St. Vincent of Ferrer back opposing an claimant (who turned out to be an antipope) didn't help either.

    It's not our job or concern to "right the ship" as you say. We have no power to do so nor is it our state in life to solve the Church's crisis. What we are called to do is be good Catholics. And you can't be a good Catholic by being part of the Novus Ordo sect, which is a breakaway and heretical religion. Sedevacantism is the only solution honest enough to say the emperor has no clothes – or that the so-called "Pope" is no Pope at all. How anyone believes that someone who said "there is no Catholic God" can be the head of the Catholic Church is truly beyond us.

    On a side note the College of Cardinals is the most recent, but not the only, way to elect a Pope. Valid Cardinals are the least of our concerns. The Catholic Faith and keeping it is the highest concern. We find that doing that, rather than worrying about solutions to problems we can't possibly solve, keeps us pretty busy! :-0