“Why are Your Robes Red?”

The First Sunday of Lent from Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals provides several resources of meditation on the Gospel of the first of the Sundays in Lent as we launch into the first full week of the penitential season.  Christ is our Model in all things and here He teaches how to deal with temptations.

Dappled Things has published an interesting piece, TS Eliot's death haunted poem for Ash Wednesday by Michael Rennier, which diarises the author’s musings on Eliot’s sombre work. “These are the types of meditations on death and dying that terrify a noisy world that is in denial of death. Because we are afraid, we look away. We pretend that if life can be a jumble of busyness and movement, then we can ignore the fact that everything comes to an end, that our existence is not our own, and that God eventually calls each one of his children home.”

We leave you with an image presented on Medieval Fragments to accompany the sackcloth and ashes and to stir the “new man” to greater efforts in his mortal combat against the old: 'I have trodden the winepress alone' (Isaiah 63.3).

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