Milk, Honey, Beauty

In a post that emphasizes the beauty and fullness of the ancient Paschal traditions, Vultus Christi expounds on these practices and their meaning for both monastic and laypeople, neophytes and veterans. Days of Milk and Honey will leave you deeply pondering the beauty of the Resurrection and the depth of the rituals of Mother Church. “The newborn came up, dripping with a holy wetness, shining with the brightness of new life. Clothed in white garments, and with lighted candles in their hands they were led to the bishop to be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, the last station on the way to the sacrificial banquet to taste for the first time of the sweetness of the Lord.”

Iconography of the Resurrection – Climbing from the Tomb, an older post from Ad Imaginem Dei, shares some of the magnificent artwork that has been inspired by this pinnacle of miracles.

Lastly, Easter Communion at Dappled Things shares Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem of the same name. Have a blessed and joyous Easter!

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