Deo Gratias!

Today is the national holiday of Thanksgiving in the U.S., a day filled with an epic turkey feast and rife with opportunities to voice your gratefulness for God’s goodness. But where does this tradition find its roots? True to form, those volumes that pose as modern history textbooks don’t paint the most accurate picture. Tradition in Action comes to the rescue with The First Thanksgivings Were Catholic by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D. Also, if you find yourself responsible for “carving the bird” today, How to Carve a Turkey: An Illustrated Guide on The Art of Manliness gives exceptional instruction.

Grow in Virtue offers words of perspective and inner peace for anyone who has been engrossed in politics as of late. In One Truth. One Voice., Alan Scott does an excellent job of reminding his readers that there is only one place where our focus, confidence, hopes, and faith ought to lie: in God. “…I put my stock and faith in something higher than politicians, or world leaders. I pray for them, but when it comes to trust, I reserve that exclusively for God.” As we all should, in deed as well as in word.

Lastly, Ad Imaginem Dei adds a bit of divine beauty to your day with Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Buried by Angels, Reburied by Monks. Saint Catherine’s feast day is tomorrow, the 25th of November, and this post offers a wonderful opportunity to honor this virgin martyr.

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