The Beginning of Wisdom

“Knowing yourself,” said Aristotle, “Is the beginning of wisdom.” Would it therefore be correct to say conversely that lack of wisdom is the beginning of lack of self-knowledge? The wisdom of the Catholic Faith that the world has systematically abandoned, beginning with the Protestant Revolt, has resulted in the modern world being a nut-house where knowledge of self has fallen so very low that even the most basic of human identity is unknown, or rather, denied. Mitchell Kalpakgian, Ph.D. writes The Loss of Self-Knowledge in Modernity on Truth and Charity Forum, an excellent article in which he presents the “Golden Mean” of the Ancient Greeks and compares it with Modernity.

Vultus Christi provides, Saint Basil: Letter to a Fallen Monk. Who doesn’t want to read what the great Saint Basil counsels for fallen souls about repentance and salvation? “There is salvation, there is reform.” Despite what so-called Catholics might say, there is not one without the other.

Short but sweet: Pius VI on Liberty and Equality from Nobility is the last of today’s reads. Enjoy!

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