The Role of Recycling in Catholicism, Then and Now

St. Anthony of Padua

Catholic Recycling Then

Hold onto your hats!  Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkei explains how a medieval volume of Norse love poetry was recycled into the lining of a bishop's mitre.

Catholic Recycling Now

Based on his reaction to a recent "green" homily from his parish priest, Alessandro Gnocci delightfully parodies a confession:  His sin is not recycling according to the secular laws.  The confession is part of a letter published by Rorate Caeli that details the change in the Church which causes it to now produce secular Catholics.


The Novus Ordo Sect News by Matt Beck

Michael Paulson in the New York Times has attempted to write a think piece about how the American Episcopate is adjusting to the Leadership of Pope Francis. In short, they are following his example in eschewing the trappings of power and focusing more on issues of social inequality (as if they needed much prodding in that direction). Despite Paulson’s attempt to tease out some conflict for drama’s sake, one gets the impression that the Conciliar Bishops are quite comfortable with their new head. Indeed, Francis’ leadership on the social issues has been such a resounding success that pro-abort feminist NewChurcher Frances Kissling declares that he "looks more like God every day."—An odd comparison to be sure, but rather telling of the state of affairs in Novus Ordo country. One wonders if Francis will now feel compelled to revise his earlier statements to the effect that it is not necessary to preach against abortion, since everybody already knows what the Church’s position on that subject is. We shan’t hold our breath. Of course, when he isn’t imitating God, the Most Interesting Pope in History (who probably prefers Dos Equis) is—what else?—exhorting the World Cup on the need to overcome greed and racism in sports. We all know what a hotbed of segregation UEFA soccer can be, where never was it heard that black Africans, Latin Americans, and white Europeans ever played on the same team; and as for the admonition against greed, we are willing to bet that the poor denizens of the Brazilian favelas that were cleared at gunpoint to make way for the World Cup spectacle will be relieved to hear that the pope is on their side.




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