The Root of All Virtuosity

St. John of Sahagun

This famous French Catholic organist loved Bach so much, he pledged to play all his organ works from memory.  He did it in an amazing series of ten concerts in 1920 and again in 1921, according to Catholic World Report's  "When Postwar France Came to Love Bach."   It provides an interesting look at classical music from the unusual perspective of French and German relations in the post World War I era.

She's still learning.  A retired American opera star reflects on the discipline and concentration it takes to be a classical singer, the impact of electronics on opera, and the difference in being a teacher instead of a performer, in this Vatican Radio interview, "Renowned Mezzo-Soprano Marilyn Horne:  Singers Never Stop Learning."

Integrated Catholic Life's  "A Checklist for Catholic Dads" is a well-thought out adaptation of a new book by Randy Hains.  It takes just a few minutes to read the post, and it should prove helpful for a father who wants to establish priorities for fulfilling his duty.



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