Where the Feeble Senses Fail

St. Isaac Jogues and Jean de Brebouf

Those public acts of faith are so powerful.  The Dauphin models respect and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament in this short Nobility story, "The Dauphin Kneels for the Blessed Sacrament."  Might be a good one to read to the children before Rosary tonight.

Beginning with the idea of having a beach set aside for nude bathers, Anthony Esolen demonstrates that a purely secular state doesn't make any sense, in "The Illusion of Neutrality" for Crisis.

"Ancient to Modern":  Susan Kristol at The Weekly Standard details the incredible new options for Latin-Greek research that abound with the debut of Loeb's Online Classical Library.

Mark my words.  Yes, you guessed right.  It's a Medieval Manuscripts post about medieval book marks--smart ones, dumb ones, slide 'em up and down ones.  Even cut-the-book ones.  Gasp!

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