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They've been painstakingly cleaning each delicate page with a brush, and now thirteen medieval manuscripts from the Sacred Convent of St. Francis in Assisi plus some other artifacts will leave Italy and go to New York for exhibit, according to this report in The New York Times.

This is a long Business Insider piece on relationships that was originally published in The Atlantic.  The important part to take away from this is how successful couples express their kindness and generosity, because we already know that mean and selfish people do not have successful relationships, right?  So you can skim right through until you get to the part about a partner making "requests for connection," called a "bid".  That's the key thing.  If you want to have a great marriage, you have to learn how to respond properly to the bid.  Although this is all based on scientific research, you will recognize immediately the truth of it when you read it.

Well, it's hog killing weather, and FPR's John Cuddeback reminisces sweetly about the virtues and economies of the fatted pig's anatomy, especially the side and its glorious shoulder.

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