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First article for today is Dusty Gates’ Why Leisure is the Remedy for Sloth from Crisis Magazine.  Mr. Gates may help you to realize if you are among those who have come to consider leisure from the wrong angle.  Enjoy!


The spirit of the world is an unceasing impetus that Catholics must be zealous in repelling.  Dies Irae, a meditation by Rev. Nicholas Gihr on Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals on the sequence referring to the end of the world and the final judgement ought not to depress but to keep spiritual complacency at bay.  As Catholics we must strive to have our souls prepared for death at any time.  Remember, the end of your world may come at any moment; are you ready to face the Judge? “O king of dreadful majesty, Who grantest grace and mercy free, grant mercy now and grace to me.”


Straight Talk from The Thinking Housewife.  Nothing more need be said.

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