Be Not Of The World

Mr. Randy Hain writes at Those Catholic Men, How My Son Taught Me to Radically Accept God’s Will. "It is often difficult to see the blessings and good in any kind of suffering, yet we know from Church teaching there is redemptive power in suffering if we learn to give it up to God."

Alan Scott at Grow in Virtue writes Learn to Be Happy with Who & Where You Are Now. "Worldly people tend to only think about enjoying their life – following after one pleasure to the next, while giving God and those around them little or no consideration. I know this well, because this was me for many years of my life. I’ve learned that events, parties, and vacations come and go very quickly." Very true.

Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals publishes Why the World Continually Persecutes the Church. A great reminder of how we must live in the world, but not be of the world. We strive for something much better!

In other news, we have released two new transcripts! Work of Human Hands: Old Mass vs. New Mass - What's the Fuss About? and From The Pulpit: The Vatican II Series, Part 1 are now available (scroll down to purchase/download transcript).

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