Heroes, Angels, and Modernist “Mercy”

Classic and enduring stories and histories of heroic journeys, including that of Our Lord, can generally be divided into three parts – the departure, the initiation (the trial or challenge), and the return home. There has been no time in human history more desperate for heroic Catholic men than ours. How can such stories inspire and edify modern men awash in modern culture? Jason Craig on The Catholic Gentleman does an excellent job of showing just this in his article, The Hero Always Comes Home.

Francis’ modernist idea of Mercy contra the Church’s on Call Me Jorge gives an excellent juxtaposition of the Vatican II church’s false views on mercy and those of Holy Mother Church as expounded by St. Alphonsus Liguori. It illustrates perfectly how the leaders of the Vatican II church are leading souls to damnation.

Lastly, Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals offers an excellent meditation on the Holy Angels by Reverend R. F. Clarke, S.J. entitled Their Unclouded Happiness. “The Angels have a nature perfect in its order and degree, and their whole nature is occupied with the joy of seeing God face to face. Hence their happiness is perfect. So too will my happiness be one day, if I am faithful to God.”

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