Social Media Manager Opportunity

We are currently looking for a social media manager to join the True Restoration team on a part-time basis! This is a paid position and an exciting opportunity for those who are passionate about true Catholicism, growing online audiences, interacting with people via online platforms and working with an enthusiastic team.


  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Reasonably fast internet
  • Exceptional English skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Vibrant personality

Desired (not required):

  • Experience with Twitter and Facebook
  • Experience with Buffer, Socialpilot or a similar tool/s
  • Basic video editing skills
  • Experience working with an online team

Expected Commitment:

This can change depending on how fast one works in addition to other factors, but we estimate this role will take the average person 15-30 minutes per day. The successful applicant will generally be expected to keep him/herself updated on team communication channels and social media accounts on a daily basis (Sundays excepted).

Training and ongoing support will be provided.


Please send your application to Matthew Arthur at social[at]

In addition to attaching your resumé, please mention in your email:

  1. Why you want to take on this role.
  2. Relevant experience.
  3. Anything else you believe will assist you in your application.

Please title the email subject as: *Full Name* [Social Media]. E.g.: Jane Smith [Social Media]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Matthew Arthur

Matthew is one of the Executive Producers of True Restoration Radio & Media. He lives in Melbourne, Australia and thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. In reality, he's just okay.

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