Womanly Strength Without Compromise

Contrary to the ideals upheld by the noxious plague of feminism in regards to the concept of womanly “strength,” hitting the gym, earning an enviable salary and being able to beat up the men in physical combat are worlds away from the genuine thing.  A woman aspiring to true womanly strength, which she will utilise every day in her fight for salvation, to the edification and admiration of others, must train herself in virtue.  Moral courage and humility are among the weapons to be added to the arsenal that Finer Femininity’s, A Worthy Character, addresses.


Steve Skojec treats us to a few quotes from a pen in the Vatican in the 1880s in his article on One Peter Five, Vatican Sees no Impediment to Dialogue with Freemasonry.  In the spirit of Humanum Genus, let the only dialogue (or monologue, rather) with Freemasonry be: ANATHEMA!


Heroism is displayed in countless examples throughout history all over the world, but St. Margaret Clitherow demonstrates a fearlessness almost beyond belief when, although vast numbers of Catholics, even bishops, fell away like dust in the face of the wind, she, a housewife, audaciously stood her ground and held on to the true faith.  Read Stephanie A. Mann’s brief narrative, The Pearl of York, about this courageous woman who was granted martyrdom on Good Friday, and be inspired to face your daily penances with the right spirit for the remainder of Lent.

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