The Catholic Home, Episode 13: The Head of the Home

weddingringA series titled The Catholic Home can’t be considered complete until it covers the subject of the traditional “head” of the Catholic home: the husband, who often is also the father of the family which makes up that home.

This particular episode provides an introduction to a sub-series on this important topic. All husbands will want to hear the conversation, as our guests, Phil and Damian, define the role of “husband” and outline some of the main challenges to this role in our times, amidst sharing (and getting a tad side-tracked with) many interesting and amusing anecdotes. Wives will also benefit from this series, as will anyone intending to marry in the future.

We understand that not all Catholic homes have a husband but even for those of you in such homes, including dedicated single-people, please tune in anyway because our guests are very entertaining, to say the least!

You can show your appreciation by supporting the Australian Mission where Theresa and most of her guests are based by helping out with this crowd funder (remember that your USD goes a lot further in Australian dollars!):  and 

Episode Notes:


Original Air Date: March 1, 2016
Show Run Time: 1 hour 27 minutes
Show Guest(s): Phil and Damian
Show Host(s): Theresa

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