Where All Men Are at Home

On Thursday the 22nd will be celebrated the feast of the United States’ one and only canonized saint.  St. Frances Xavier Cabrini from Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals gives a biographical sketch of her life, in which she accomplished so much.  “No labor could overcome her, no danger could frighten her. Her intrepid and undaunted spirit braved the rough and dangerous voyages across the ocean twenty-four times…”

Provided by Finer Femininity is another Trapp Advent piece, this time on some more obscure customs.  Christkindl and Other Advent-y Things by Maria von Trapp (Part Two) will give you charming ideas, if not for the remainder of this Advent, to be incorporated in years to come.

We leave you last of all with some Chesterton to ponder.  A Poem for Christmas Eve by G.K. Chesterton from Supremacy and Survival presents “The Christmas House,” a poem that delves into the mystery of love and redemption.  These five stanzas will leave you with a season’s worth of contemplation.

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