News Roundup: October 24, 2013

So you are considering raising a pig for the family table?  The Farmstead Meatsmith, the poet of piggery, takes you on a fairytale journey through the history of home butchery to supermarkets and back home again, where he demonstrates the beautiful way to cut up a pig for home use--all this in a 23-minute video titled The Anatomy of Thrift: Side Butchery.  There is a one-minute intro, then a five-minute historical fiction story of the family of Ebinezer;  the rest of the video covers how to cut a side of pork into quarters and from the quarters into the individual cuts for the table.

Catholic farmer Kevin Ford describes the highs and lows of this year's growing season at Fiat Farms in St. Leo, KS, where he and his wife have been joined by another Catholic family.  Earlier this year he wrote movingly about his longing for community in a post for the New Catholic Land Movement.

God helps those who help themselves.  "Pray, get ready, and don't worry," are the final words of advice from Pat Archbold in "Should Catholics Be Preppers?"

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