From the Pulpit, Episode 31: The Dangers of Pride

Abbot Leonard Giardina  (1922-2011)

Abbot Leonard Giardina

In this episode of From the Pulpit, Abbot Leonard Giardina (+1922-2011) informs us on the dangers of pride. How often do we let our “self-esteem” justify our prideful thoughts, words, and actions? The message in this episode is a great reminder that only by the steps of humility we will reach Christ.

Secondly, Abbot Giardina talks on how to make sure we can secure our spots in Heaven.  “Many are called but few are chosen.” What does this phrase, spoken by Christ, actually mean? The answers this question and draws a parallel between the analogy and our times so that we can apply the knowledge to ourselves and our lives in order to attain the beatific vision.

Please remember in the month of November especially, to pray for the repose of the soul of Abbot Leonard Giardina.

Join us on this episode of From the Pulpit.

Original Air Date: November 10, 2014
Show Run Time: 58 minutes
Show Guest(s): Abbot Leonard Giardina
Show Host(s): Matthew Arthur

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