The Sisters

Dena Hunt from The Ink Desk Blog in Faith and Fireflies meditates on a childhood memory and draws deep parallels about which many today would do well to stop and think.  “We’d hear that with a child’s kind of unacknowledged gratitude, not with irritation, because it made us know that we were cared for, watched over, and that gave us a freedom that children who have no persimmon tree boundaries can never know.”

On the 13th of May is celebrated the feast of a saint who is quite well-known in our current era.  St. Robert Bellarmine, provided by Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals is a short reading on his life as well as some powerful quotes.  “His principal merit lies in his complete victory in the struggle against the new errors, during which he distinguished himself as a strenuous and outstanding vindicator of Catholic tradition and the rights of the Roman See.”

The persons of Ss. Martha and Mary are fresh in our minds from their prominence in the Lenten thoughts that the liturgy presented us, particularly in Passiontide.  The Sisters by Father John Banister Tabb, from Poem Hunter, is characteristic of this poet, famous for his many quatrains which, although brief and to-the-point, always have a profound depth which will have you cogitating on his words for days.  Lent is over, but the example of, and lessons taught by, St. Mary Magdalen and her sister transcends seasons.

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