Society and Angels

Bishop Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X recently penned two blog posts condemning the sedevacantist position. True to form, Bishop Sanborn was not about to let these attacks on right reason go unanswered. His video response is thorough, edifying, and ripe with essential information for these perplexing times.

Man is not meant to be solitary, but rather yearns to be an integral part of a family and a society, in which he will flourish. In The Lonely World of Contemporary Life on Truth and Charity Forum, Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian uses Homer’s illustration of these facts in the classic The Odyssey to evaluate the plague of loneliness in contemporary society. His conclusions support the timeless truths that Catholicism has always taught: “Families that honor marriage and value children create a culture of life, relationships of mutual giving and receiving, mutual helpfulness and enjoyment, that gives each person a sense of belonging, affection, and obligation that orders life toward a greater universal good and an abundant happiness…”

Homeschool Guardians: 3 Ways to Honor the Angels by Dom Alban Baker, presented by Seton Magazine, offers some wonderful insights into the ways in which our guardian angels aid us, as well as the indispensability of their assistance for homeschooling families. He suggests three simple ways for homeschoolers (and others) to incorporate and cultivate devotion to these amazing helpmates.

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