A Child’s Conscience

Today is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul, patron of charitable societies. St. Vincent is a tremendous example of true Charity and fraternal love. Even the great St. Francis de Sales said of St. Vincent, with regard to appointing him superior of the nuns of the Visitation of Holy Mary, “that he knew no worthier priest than Vincent.” St. Vincent de Paul at Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals gives a brief biography if this holy saint, along with a novena and other prayers for his honor.

Given the recent release of episode 26 of Clerical Conversations, “The Cassiciacum Thesis,” it seems timely to share Bishop Donald Sanborn’s Explanation of the Thesis of Bishop Guérard des Lauriers from Most Holy Trinity Seminary. It is a lengthy read, but covers a crucial topic worthy of every Catholic’s time.

Examination of Conscience – How To Raise Good Catholic Children at Finer Femininity discusses how to guide even the smallest children through this exercise in a way that draws them closer to Our Lord and Mother Church. Just as every evening the little ones stumble through the practice of brushing their teeth and combing their hair (despite the fact that Mother or Father must follow up to complete the job properly), they ought also take their first fledgling steps toward this most-important task of caring for their souls. After all, “it’s easier to settle down to a really good talk with God after we get our sins out of the way.”

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