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As we shared in our Flagship episode to open Season 6, we found an equilibrium with our membership levels. We have an Annual Membership which provides unlimited access to great content on our site. We have a Season Pass, which has access to all Seasons 1, 2, and 6 content as well as any previously sponsored content. We also have a Digital Membership, which in Season 5 was offered completely free.

What we decided to do at the end of Season 5 was to upgrade the Digital Membership. While it is now subject to a $49 one-time charge, the membership includes the Digital Pack.

The Digital Pack comes with a bunch of goodies, including two True Restoration Media videos. Digital Pack access now also offers ongoing access to all seasons of Popes Against the Modern Errors, as well as the ability to purchase Series Passes (all episodes of a show from past seasons) – something not previously offered. Series Passes are now available for The Root of the Rot, Work of Human Hands, The Spiritual Life (Seasons 3-5), and of course, Francis Watch (Seasons 3-5). Additionally, holders of the Digital Pack have the ability to purchase a la carte Season 6 episodes of Francis Watch and The Anti-Modernist Reader.

We did this because we have been re-releasing all of our sponsored content onto iTunes, Soundcloud, and Google Play in order to give as many people as possible access to those podcasts, even without visiting our site or logging in. We also wanted those who had joined Digital Membership before we introduced the Digital Pack to continue to get all our free content at no charge.

If you don’t wish to upgrade your Digital membership – that’s fine, as nothing will change for you. You’ll still have access to all our free content. What’s more, you’ll now have the ability to share that content with people who don’t have an account with us, via the re-release of all our material on the channels we mentioned above.

We wish you a fruitful Easter, and as always, thanks for your support.

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