The Poor Souls

November, the month of the Poor Souls, is upon us! A Catholic Life provides a brief history of the celebration of All Souls’ Day and of praying for the dead. Included are the details of the most popular and easily obtained plenary indulgences which are available this week - let’s all get to work for the Church Suffering! Also, Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals has a thorough Index of Prayers and Devotions for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, an excellent reference for use throughout the month (and year).

A Sustained Effort - Perseverance offers words of fortitude and wisdom on Grow in Virtue. Whether it’s the struggle to persevere in prayer, virtue, the Faith, or even at the end of life, this post offers encouragement and a reminder of the hope given us by Our Lord. “With God by our side, He will stand with us, and guide and strengthen us. And we must never forget, that we have an important part to play.”

The Catholic Gentleman offers an excerpt from one of Bishop Fulton Sheen’s books which gives a beautiful and edifying explanation of the power of the Rosary. Praying the Rosary covers the origins of this most efficacious of prayers and offers suggestions for discovering it’s incredible strength.

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