It’s the “twinkle in Pa’s eyes,” as Laura Ingalls would say; it’s the laughing at our own fool selves; it’s that spirit for which Saint Philip Neri is so well-known; it’s what Aristotle called Eutrapelia. A New Virtue - My Prayer Book, Fr. Lovasik, from Finer Femininity gives a full definition and elucidation of this virtue which is so important to living in harmony, and enjoyment, with our neighbour. “Eutrapelia knows exactly when and how to be funny, and where and when to stop.” Enjoy!

From Tradition in Action is taken The Four Temperaments - Part 1, Fr. Antonio Royo Marin, O.P.’s summary description of the sanguine and the melancholic temperaments as found in his book, The Theology of Christian Perfection. It is by no means a comprehensive explanation of this useful subject, but it serves both as an informative piece to introduce anyone unfamiliar with the four temperaments and as a reminder to those well acquainted with them. One will discover the areas over which to be most watchful in their own soul and how to be more understanding about where others reside.

Not quite sure What to Do If You Have No Mass? Quidlibet provides Bishop Dolan’s ten tips for those Catholics who do not have access to a true Mass. “Deepen your own knowledge of the Catholic faith, educate yourself about the errors of the modernists, sanctify yourself, form the members of your family in the faith by word and example, do your best to keep a cheerful spirit in the face of adversity and put everything in the hands of God.”

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