The Man Without A Masterpiece

Sarah Metts’ piece, Don Pelayo and the Reconquest of Spain, on Catholic Exchange will provide a quick history lesson on the time leading up to the glorious Reconquista.


From Memoria Press a short book review by Martin Cothran is gleaned, Orthodoxy.  “G. K. Chesterton was said never to have produced a masterpiece. The reason is not because he never wrote a great book, but because he wrote so many.”  Never heard of Chesterton, haven’t read any of his works yet or feel as though it’s time to revisit the witty prince of paradox?  Get on it!  From philosophy to detective stories, epic poetry to social criticism, Chesterton has provided something for everyone, even heretics.


And last of all is Human Respect and Resolutions - Light and Peace from Finer Femininity.  Ascending a mountain takes patience and steady repetition of small steps.  Make a little resolution today and pray for perseverance.

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