The Answer is Christ the King

The upheaval of civilisation officially pulled off the mask and bared the teeth in the ‘60s.  Not only do we see it in the material that emanated from the Vatican but also in various educational methods put into practice at that time as pointed out in Cheryl Lowe’s The Natural Method is Not Natural on Memoria Press.  “There was a tried-and-true method for teaching modern languages before the advent of the natural method, the grammar/translation method. The natural method was introduced in the 1960s, about the same time as all of the other modern educational experiments, like "new math," "discovery learning," etc. None of them worked then, and they don’t work now.”


And what manifested itself in the ‘60s continues to plague us.  The sublime moment at the Last Supper when the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity literally girded Himself and washed the feet of the Twelve is fresh in our minds.  After even the most superficial meditation on what that action truly meant, it can be realised what a garment-rending moment is The Francis Foot-Washing Circus, posted by Laura Wood on The Thinking Housewife.  If such blasphemous action does not make a true Catholic angry, then it should...


John Horvat II also briefly considers some of the problems of the modern world in his piece, The Return of the Absent Clock-Maker on Crisis Magazine.  Tired of being hit with the corruption and degradation to which the modern world and culture has fallen?  Well, the article points out that the answer to all of it lies in turning to God and placing Christ the King upon His rightful throne in society.  Do it in your own life and you will be contributing to the restoration.  Hail, Christ the King!

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