It is Between Light and Darkness, And Everyone Must Choose His Side

St. Francis de Sales

In this essay for The Imaginative Conservative, Joseph Pearce is happily surprised to be wrong about The War of the Vendee; it wasn't "a really bad film" as he had expected.  In fact, he concludes that the child actors are more like Hobbits, and the Vendee, the Shire and that "we adults have to become childlike in order to enter the kingdom of truth that this film presents to us."

Stephen Herreid reviews Gimme Shelter, a pro-life film, for Intercollegiate Review, pointing out the one-sided perception most pro-lifers have of moms who seek abortions and explaining how this film changes that, reveals the monsters, tells the real story.

Folk singer and songwriter Pete Seeger passed away on Monday.  He was 94.  The New York Times features a lengthy article on his life, which at times reads like a political history due to Seeger's activism.  John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute remembers Seeger as a longtime friend in this more personal piece, which also draws on an interview from 2006.

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