The Catholic Home, Episode 18: Children’s Literature: Feeding Their Growing Little Minds (Part 1)

libraryChildren’s Literature: Feeding their growing little minds. Part 1

The reading of interesting and wholesome books can be a gateway into an enchanting new world, all the while instilling in youth a proper morality and love of Almighty God. As Fr. Finn has said, “One of the greatest things in the world is to get the right book into the hands of the right boy or girl. No one can indulge in reading to any extent without being largely influenced for better or worse.”

It is this latter effect with which we should be concerned. No doubt we live in evil times; times in which the wicked utilize all mediums to subvert minds and spread their poison throughout the world, and your children are not exempt from being their prey. They have even gone so far as to alter the classics to promote their evil agendas.

We find this problem in bygone days as well, as wicked men of the world have produced beautiful stories in the most eloquent styles, but interwoven with the soul-killing poison of the serpent.

What, then, are the principles parents should use in determining whether a book is good or bad and how do they go about applying these principles to unknown books? To such things, we must always turn to our Holy Mother the Church, which our guest, Alexander, has done for us.
Grab your boomerang and join us as we continue to battle the forces of evil who are trying to poison the minds of little ones.


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Episode Notes:

Landscape with Dragons book

New Order of the Barbarians:

Fr. Francis Finn S.J. sampling

Original Air Date: February 16, 2017
Show Run Time: 57 minutes
Show Guest(s): Alexander
Show Host(s): Theresa
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