False Martyrs

The horrible murder of Father Jacques Hamel at the hands of two Mohammedans last summer sent a shock through Europe and the Catholic world at large. Martyrdom or Chastisement? at Sodalitium Pianum explains why this act, though evil, was not a martyrdom as many have labeled it. It is more accurately viewed as a warning to all who have abandoned and distorted the Faith. “Our Lord warns: ‘Unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish’. These words should make us shake.”

The world touts tolerance as the king of all virtues while spurning the evils of religious absolutism. But is tolerance not just another absolute claim? And how, then, do those who proclaim it justify their rejection of atrocities such as Muslim honor killings? The Chairman’s Blog at LMS Chairman shares an article entitled Religious absolutism which does an excellent job of pointing out the absurdity of this position.

Tea at Trianon offers The House of Bread, an eloquent and beautiful excerpt on the Holy Eucharist. “St. Augustine, recorded similar words which he heard in the Spirit from the Lord… ‘I am the food of grown men. Grow, and you shall feed upon me. You will not change me into yourself, as you change food into your flesh, but you will be changed into me!’”

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