In Veritate, Episode 22: Members of the Church and Idolatry

The Coat of Arms of His Excellency

The Coat of Arms of His Excellency

God wills that the Church be the means of salvation and not of judgment. The purpose of the Church is to bring as many people as possible to the light of faith and means to repent of sin. Judgment is reserved for God after a soul passes to the next life.

The sins of sinners in the Church are an occasion of virtue for the just. Many saints have been produced due to the sins of other Catholics. And there is only holiness in the doctrine or the morals that are prescribed the Catholic Church as they are inspired by the Holy Ghost.
Secondly, idolatry is something we can fall into but we must avoid it in our times. Means of idolatry that we may be prone to in today’s world include gluttony, lust, and avarice.

Join us on this episode of In Veritate.

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Show Sponsor: Most Holy Trinity Seminary
Original Air Date: February 11, 2017
Show Run Time: 28 minutes
Show Guest(s): Bishop Donald Sanborn
Show Host(s): Matthew Arthur

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