The Land Without a Sunday

The Blessedness of Labor from Finer Femininity by Rev. George Deshon addresses any complaints that particularly women who must work for a living might have, but there is advice that is pertinent to everyone, including an interesting anecdote from the life of St. Anthony.

Elaine Marie Jordan’s Sunday in Austria, Russia and the United States on Tradition in Action airs the author’s thoughts on what Maria von Trapp had to say about the decline in keeping the Lord’s Day and the similarities between Communist Russia and the United States of America.

Over at Memoria Press is a brief yet encouraging article, Lifelong Burden... or Blessing by Cheryl Swope, the mother of special needs children.  “‘I just wanted to crawl away. But I had your mother to think about. You always have somebody to think about, and it’s a blessing.’”

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