Byrdian Pathos

Letting Go of the Past by Señorita Rita gives the message to see and accept the Will of God in all things. It is said often enough, but true resignation is something which takes battle to attain.

Joseph Charles MacKenzie writes for Ars Pulchra Magazine, Nicholas Wilton - England's Sacred Music Composer, in which he introduces one who has been called the modern Palestrina.   “There is a haunting Byrdian pathos in the melodies which seems at the same time to have come out of the suffering of modern Catholics at the destruction of the visible Latin Church after Vatican II and the persecution and marginalization of the tiny minority graced with the knowledge that what has been ordered by Rome is of satanic inspiration.” Do take the time to listen to some of Wilton’s pieces at the bottom of the page; you’ll be glad you did.

“Before the gods that made the gods had seen their sunrise pass, the White Horse of the White Horse Vale was cut out of the grass.” So begins G.K. Chesterton’s epic... The Ballad of the White Horse: An Epic for the Ages by Avellina Balestri on Catholic Insight gives the author’s thoughts on the work complete with some of the best quotes as she reviews the Ballad. Although reading this famous book might have you checking the dictionary and referring to notes, Chesterton’s lyric masterpiece has a way of plying at your heart unlike any other; at times he will have you close to (if not in) tears, then there are moments in which a shiver goes up your spine and you speechlessly thank God for giving you the very same Faith that is the life and depth of The Ballad of the White Horse.

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