Death Shall be No More

John Horvat II makes some sobering observations in his article, The Earthquake That Destroyed More Than the Basilica of St. Benedict from Return to Order.  “Over the last fifty years, the Benedictine order has become a shadow of what it once was.”  This takes us right back to Vatican II, which is the epicentre of this “moral earthquake” that has shaken the West.

"The One Thing Necessary" provided by The Thinking Housewife is an excellent excerpt by Reginal Garrigou-Lagrance, O.P.  from his Three Ages of the Interior Life.  “Often, however, this religion of science is directed toward the apotheosis of man rather than toward the love of God. As much must be said of social activity, particularly under the form it assumes in socialism and communism. It is inspired by a mysticism which purposes a transfiguration of man, while at times it denies in the most absolute manner the rights of God.”

And the final piece for today is a poem by the most well-known of the metaphysical poets, John Donne.  We close with "Death, be not proud" taken from the Imaginative Conservative, to end on a joyful and triumphant note.

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