Ordination Week III: the Church in Nigeria

Before Father Bede Nkamuke became a priest, Fr. Julian Larrabee was in Nigeria serving these faithful.  We caught up with him in 2011 when he was last there and spent a few minutes with him talking about his trip.  These are the faithful that our newly ordained Father will be taking care of.

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1 Response

  1. RUKMINI says:

    To Father Larrabee I would say: "Stay as sweet as you are!". Do not follow the SSPX style of " missionary" work. Too much hype in the form of glossy newsletters. Too much sightseeing. Too much favoritism. And addiction to flattery and servility displayed by some of the "faithful" to the latter day great white David Livingstones!

    Go, administer the Mass and the Sacraments; be friendly to one and all; don't tire yourself out with tourism; and never indulge in or encourage "divide and rule".