News Roundup: Sept. 30, 2013

It's shaping up to be one heck of a week.  It's only Monday, and we've had the confirmation of JPII and John XXIII being canonized on "Divine Mercy Sunday", April 27, 2014; the expectation of the new council of cardinals having its first meeting with Francis beginning tomorrow and lasting for three days; Francis' one-day visit to Assissi on Oct. 4, where he wants to talk about "how the Church should undress".  And if that weren't enough, we've just learned that he's done another interview with Eugenio Scalfari, the atheist from Repubblica.  It is due to be published tomorrow, allegedly with the title, "So I Will Change the Church: It's a Duty to Open to Modernity".

Since it seems we need desperately to prepare for martyrdom, take a look at this: New Liturgical Movement reports that a beautifully-filmed DVD has been released that tells the story of the English martyrs with the help of two diocesan priests, who visit important historical sites throughout the country.  Titled Faith of Our Fathers: In Search of the English Martyrs, the film is in two parts and is produced by St. Anthony Communications.

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