News Roundup: October 8, 2013

Francis' introduction of the "problem" of divorced and remarried people receiving communion in the "Big Heart Open to God" interview has naturally morphed into a diocese in Germany saying it's ok.  Of course now the Vatican is wagging its finger and saying "tsk-tsk", while Francis says that the issue will be addressed at a special synod of the bishops that he is scheduling for October, 2014.  Rorate Caeli has the story.

The great benefit of Francis is that he is causing Catholics to really think critically about the faith and discuss it.  This essay by Steve Skojec is probably the best we have read on the topic.  He writes passionately and well about what being Catholic means to him, the problems with Francis, and being accused of being a "rigorist" by fellow Catholic Simcha Fisher.  Skojec is not afraid to say that the emperor has no clothes.  It is a long read, but it is inspiring, written in a manly style, and worth every minute of your time.  Read it and share it with your entire contact list.

Writing for New Liturgical Movement, religious artist Gwyneth Halston talks about religious art as a vocation.

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