All Francis Friday: November 1, 2013

All Saints Day

With all of Francis' talk of the poor and getting rid of any signs of hierarchy, one would think that the nobility have had a hard time getting to heaven.  Nobility addresses this issue in "All Saint’s Day: Is Being Noble and Leading a Noble’s Life Incompatible with Sanctity?"

Francis finds so many friends among the enemies of the Church!  TIA reports on Argentinian Freemasonry's praise of the new "pope".

In the Church of Vatican II, everything must be re-defined, even Christ;  Louie Verrecchio slides Cardinal Maradiaga's Dallas speech under the microscope.    The Eponymous Flower looks at Maradiaga's desire to create a "Congregation for the Laity" in the Curia.

Francis claims to be everyone's most humble servant, but Forbes apparently sees through this, naming him the fourth most powerful man in the world by means of meeting four criteria.  We're most interested in #4.

Mundabor analyzes his site's vastly increased visits due to Francis' revolution.

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