My Country, Right or Wrong?

The Thinking Housewife’s post, Honor the Dead: Don't Enlist, gives serious food for thought, not only for Americans but for people all over the world.  How long can we continue to watch the puppet show of “good” versus “bad guys” as if it were reality?


Why I don't "support the troops" by Stephen Heiner on True Restoration Blog drives the nail further.  A Catholic must be “prepared to sacrifice oneself for the welfare of one’s country;” when the left hand of a nation holds the flag pole while the right vehemently defies God, surely not enrolling ourselves beneath those flags but by forming ourselves into better Christians and growing in the love of God, thus setting a good example, is the sacrifice demanded in this current era.  Our first allegiance is to God and it is under the banners of Christ the King and the Catholic Church that we must fight.

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