Angels and Mothers

Today is the eve of the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven, and Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals offers an excellent sermon by Father Prosper Gueranger, Proper of the Time and the Vigil of the Ascension. “For several of them, the separation was to be a long one… But no one murmured at the divine appointment; they all felt how just it was, that Jesus, now that He had so fully established the faith of His Resurrection, should enter into his glory (St. Luke, xxiv. 26).” What a difference from the days preceding the Passion several short weeks ago!

The True Role of Guardian Angels from a lecture by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira at Nobility is sure to inspire a greater love and devotion to our personal mediators. Far from the sentimental role modernism has relegated them to, our guardian angels are continually battling for the salvation of our souls.

Lastly, The Thinking Housewife shares “To A Rebellious Daughter” by Fay Inchfawn in its post A Mother Who Says No. This poem paints an eloquent picture of the daughter who pulls away from her devoted mother as adulthood closes in and the wisdom that evades her. “There are Infinities of Knowledge, dear. / And there are mysteries, not yet made clear / To you, the Uninitiate. . . . Life’s book / Is open, yes; but you may only look / At its first section. Youth / Is part, not all, the truth.”

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