Death and Life

Death and Life in the Country by Mark T. Mitchell from Front Porch Republic gives a hint of some of the themes one is faced with by living in the country.  “Being in touch with nature” can keep us thinking about the reality of life and death.

Next is a note on that epidemic indifferentism posted on The Thinking Housewife, May 19th, 2016.  Well said!  What we faithful need to do is show conviction and fuel the fire of our love of Truth as we are surrounded by other fires slowly cooling or even completely dying out.

Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian provides a common-sense article on Seton Magazine, The Virtue of Foresight: A Mark of Wisdom.  “It goes beyond not taking foolish chances but rather embraces noble efforts and daring initiatives to achieve an ideal. It encompasses the common good, the welfare of future generations, the happiness of all family members young and old, and an awareness of the four last things: death, the final judgment, heaven, and hell.”

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