Mormons Shift into Tenth Gear with Social Media, Leave Catholics in the Dust

The Atlantic investigates the Mormon missionaries' adoption of social media in this in-depth and surprisingly positive piece that reveals a "church" that is truly motivated to win converts.  With support from the LDS leadership, the missionaries have found measurable success with the virtual front door of American homes.

Here's a powerful and upbeat parody of a pop song, sung by young Mormon men, that encourages girls to be modest.  While we applaud the message, where are the Catholics doing this kind of teaching?

Michael Voris stated in a recent video that 50% of the young Catholics he questioned at the March for Life in Washington D.C., last month did not believe that the Catholic faith was superior to other faiths.  And today Rorate reported that "Cardinal" Ratzinger told a Lutheran employee who wanted to convert that it was better to remain Lutheran.  She passed away yesterday, still a protestant.

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