Morality of Receiving Vaccines

Disclaimer: True Restoration does not endorse vaccinations. This article covers Catholic morality, not science.

The current state of affairs has rendered vaccines a controversial topic. Some sources claim that taking a vaccine is a mortal sin, and this is not entirely correct. 

The below bullet points outline useful information regarding the morality of vaccines for Catholics to consider. 

  • Taking a vaccination is not in and of itself a sin.
  • Though many vaccines are produced using material derived from aborted human babies, this factor is too remote for the recipient of the vaccine to be guilty of sin when being injected with such vaccines. 
  • Catholics should do their own research in relation to the scientific evidence of the medical effectiveness and safety of vaccines before making a decision.
  • Some situations may arise that would render the taking of a vaccine the better decision than not taking a vaccine, even if it is believed that the vaccine is harmful to one’s physical health. Catholics should seek advice from a cleric from a trusted organisation for any situations that arise in relation to vaccines.

True Restoration primarily recommends Saint Gertrude the Great and the Roman Catholic Institute for clerical advice in English.

This article has been verified for accuracy by Father Stephen McKenna from Saint Gertrude the Great Catholic Church.

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