The Catholic Home, Episode 29: Corona Edition (Part 1)

In this bonus episode of The Catholic Home Show: Corona Edition (Part 1) - Host Theresa - who attends Mary Help of Christians (Melbourne) mission, that provides the Traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass to faithful Catholics throughout Australia - and Guest Jacinta, discuss their experiences of living under one of the most extreme and lengthy draconian lockdowns which was imposed in Victoria, Australia, through several months of 2020.

This is a preliminary background chat before they get into discussions of their perspectives on the Covid-19 vaccination in the follow-up episode. The content of this episode is not intended to provide any advice nor definitive information but is merely intended as a “human interest” account from laypersons’ perspectives during the unusual circumstances of last year.

The following links are relevant to this series but True Restoration is not necessarily endorsing, nor in agreement with, all their content:

You can show your appreciation by supporting the Australian Mission where Theresa and most of her guests are based by helping out with this crowd funder (remember that your USD goes a lot further in Australian dollars!):  and 

A special note of thanks to Nicholas Wilton for allowing us the use his music for this series. You can find out more about Mr. Wilton and his beautiful compositions here.

Original Air Date: February 26, 2021
Show Run Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
Show Guest: Jacinta
Show Host: Theresa

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