Season 10, February Course: Pastoralia

As Christmas draws to an end with Candlemas on February 2nd, our 10th season begins here at True Restoration. We can’t wait to share the projects and plans we’ve been working on! Lent is beginning soon and it will bring a focus on the Four Last things - the end towards which we all travel. Our team is also excited to share that there will be some BIG growth in our media department, and that TradReviews will be returning. We hope to bring you another excellent season of quality content.

Over our first 9 seasons, True Restoration has grown and changed in ways our founders likely never imagined, but one of the constant factors has been our amazing members. Thank you all for your continual support and prayers. We could not do what we do without you, particularly without your prayers for our apostolate and for the clergy with whom we work. As is always our goal, we hope to bring you new, edifying content throughout this Liturgical year and, through God’s grace, to draw souls to the true Faith. Saint Ignatius Loyola, pray for us!

True Restoration will launch season 10 with four installments of Pastoralia covering issues related to COVID. For the first two episodes, Father Stephen McKenna will be joined by a guest parishioner, Dr. Stanislowski, for a discussion of two of the hot-button COVID topics: the vaccine and mask-wearing. The final installments feature host Alexander Krawczyk and Father McKenna discussing the practical and spiritual facets of COVID and all of its fallout. The first episode will be released during the first week of February, with the remaining episodes to follow throughout the month.

To continue to enable our work and our support of the clergy, all of the most recent episodes of True Restoration programming are accessible only to our Monthly and Annual members. Please consider enjoying these latest installments of Pastoralia by becoming a member today!

Don’t miss out on these practical and timely COVID-related episodes of Pastoralia with host Alexander Krawczyk, Father McKenna, and guest Dr. Stanislowski

Pastoralia, Episode 19: The COVID Vaccine

After a year of masks, lockdowns and social distancing, the “pandemic” still lives on and presents us with a new concern – the COVID vaccine. In this season premiere episode, Fr. Stephen McKenna takes...

Pastoralia, Episode 20: COVID Masks

The importance wearing masks in public places during the “plandemic” has been forced upon us ad nausem, but do they actually work as claimed? What about possible health issues arising from wearing them? In...

Pastoralia, Episode 21: Practical Consequences of COVID

Over the past year, its become clear that there is more surrounding COVID than just a simple virus. We’ve seen a major societal upheaval as we are pushed closer and closer towards “The Great...

Pastoralia, Episode 22: Spiritual Consequences of COVID

When a life-changing event impacts our lives, how should we as Catholics react spiritually? What about when the government mandates different rules and regulations? How far does their authority extend and what are the...

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